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Who's Home?
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Profiles of Population Segments

    Workaholics     Party Animals    Road Warriors     Gourmets     Pet-O-Files     Jocks
     Worshippers     Volunteers     Green Thumbs     Neatness Freaks

Time Use Estimates for Selected Local Areas

       Chicago     New York City     Los Angeles     Washington, DC     National Averages

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Examples of questions that can be answered with the ATUS:

         Where are people, by hour of the day?

         What are the top sports for playing? for watching?

         ●  How is December different?     

          ●  Who is awake at 4 a.m.?

         When do people eat supper at home? at a restaurant?

          Who goes grocery shopping on weekday mornings? 
             On Saturday afternoons?

          Do couch potatoes weigh more?

          Who spends more time reading than watching TV?

          What do TV watchers do during commercials?

          Sex and golf tee times: a connection?






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Twenty-four Hours: Insights
into the Flow of Daily Life from
American Time Use Survey
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Grocery Shopping: Who, Where, and When
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Business Trips and Vacations
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